Origin of Food Cooking Classes in December

Cooking Studio in the Hotel!?
Can you imagine that there is a beautiful cooking studio at the Farrer Park Hotel!
Project Cooking is a series of cooking classes run by The Farrer Park Hotel.

*Project 1(Class Canning):
Let us show you how to canning and preserving fruits and vegetables. Our grandma's home made
sweet & savory recipes are going to bring back memories of the "Good Ol' Days"
From The Farm Classic Canning Project+Urban Farm Visit(Active) S$60++/per person

1st Session: Urban Farm Visit & Canning Process
2nd Session: Taste & Bring Home Products you have made, after 10 days!
This project require to take session 1 and 2.

Duration: 2 hours
Minimum: 4 persons
Complimentary: Homemade Refreshing Ice Tea

Project 2(From Market to Table):
Discover the culinary and cultural side of Singapore through our guide tour of Tekka Market. Our chefs take you to the market where you experience first hand the "raw" ingredients for your project cooking class. Handpick the ingredients, learn tips to select the freshest produce, and then partake in cooking and eating of 2 dishes(1 sweet & 1 savoury) by our chefs at origin of food.

Duration: 3 hours
S$100++/per person(min 8 persons)

Project 3(Rozzane Gold Teen Chefs -Eat Fresh Food)
Awesome recipes for teen chefs! For teens who want to cook better, eat better & share their edible rewards with family & friends.
1. Carrot-Ginger Tomato Soup
2. Asian Summer Rolls, Fun Sauce
3. Mac-and Cheese with Cauliflower & Creamy Red Pepper Sauce

Project 4 (Rozzane Gold Entertaining 1-2-3)
We will show you how to cook in a healthier way without compromising the flavours.
1. Watermelon, Feat & Black olive salad
2. Chicken Vatel
3. Crispy Potatos with Italian Parsley

Project 5(Pavlova Cake)
Pavlova lovers are going to love it! Be it our famous recipes of mango, berries of sesame lime, it's sure to tantalize your taste buds.
1. Seasonal Fruit Pavlova

Above classes( project 3,4,5) will be taught by chefs from Farrer Park Hotel using Chef ***Rozanne Gold.
Duration: 2 hours
Minimum: 4 persons
Complimentary: Homemade Refreshing Iced Tea

***Who is Rozzane Gold?
Award-Winning Chef & Author, is one of the most prominet women ins the food world. A four-time winner of the James Beard Award & First Private Chef to New York;s Mayor ED KOCH in 1977. Gold is chef-director of the renowned restaurant consulting group, Baum Whiteman, best known
for creating New York's Magical Rainbow a top Rockefeller center, Windows if the world, and
three of New York's Three-Star Restaurants.

Project 6 (Chocolate Work Shop) S$70++/per person
A chance to work with our chocolatier to curate artisan chocolate.

Project 7(Singapore Signature Dishes) S$80++/per person
Let us share with you some forgotten cuisine from our colorful history of immigrants from China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia & Far East which makes for a global culinary melting pot.
1. Herbal Bak Kut Soup
2. Hainanese Chicken Rice & Chilli.
3. Chilli Crab

Project 8 Beyond Thailand S$80++/per person
Move aside "Tom Yum Goong" & "Som Tam", there is so much more you shold explore with this wonderful cuisine gaining popularity world wide.
1. Green Gurry Chicken with Rice
2. Seafood Pad Thai
3. Thai Stir-Fried Pork with Basil Leaves with rice

Project 9 Wine Journeys S$60++/per person
Learn how to swirl, smell & sip like and expert.
4 labels per session.

Terms & Conditions

-The event organizer "One Farrer Park Hotel & Spa and its PR partner Spoonful(Alchemist Pte Ltd)" are not responsible for any personal food allergy. Each attendee must take his/her own responsibility for any allergy.

-Copyright of photos and video shooting taken by One Farrer Hotel & Spa and Spoonful (Alchemist Pte Ltd) during the event will belong to Spoonful. One Farrer Park Hotel & Spa and Spoonful have the rights to use the photos and video shooting.

-One Farrer Hotel & Spa or Spoonful will notify 3 days prior the event day to all the attendees if the event has to be cancelled.

-There will be no refund unless the event itself is cancelled.

-These are the events organized by One Farrer Hotel & Spa.

-This event is suitable more than 12 years old. (Wine Class is opened above 18 years old only.)

(For the kid's seat: please inquiry to info@alchemist.sg)

Sat Dec 10, 2016
9:30 AM - 12:30 PM SGT
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Origins of Food, One Farrer Hotel & Spa
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Project 9, 30th Dec ($60++) WINE JOURNEYS SOLD OUT $70.62
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